Hair After Hair Transplant

As of 2016, our world is at a point in technology where no one would even imagine. One case in point is an excellent solution for bald people or people with less hair growth in the form of hair transplant. It has made the life of actors easier, making them look young and evergreen on the screen. It has brought out confidence and smiles on people always concerned with their appearance.

The concerning question is, “Can hair transplants grow long?” after having tried a procedure. Of course, the recipient of the treatment would want to experience hair growth after having spent a lump sum of money on their scalp. Doctor Coen Gho, a researcher at Hair Science Institute, published his findings in the British Journal of Dermatology stating that the methods available (HASCI) results in new hair growth in a matter of weeks with full hair growth seen in a cycle of nine months. Another research by Doctor Umar published in Aesthetic Surgery Journal also proves that using a method known as Body Hair Transplant (BHT); using body hair for the scalp via UGraft system; results in hair growth and eliminates complete baldness.

Apart from support from scientific researches, reviews from clients show that the results do take some time to show, almost around a year. The length starts increasing after the full growth. However, to answer the question in detail depends on the following factors:

  • Individual makeup of body-hereditary factors
  • External factors such as the nutrition intake
  • The experience and expertise of the doctor doing the procedure
  • The after-surgery care taken by the client
  • The method that was chosen for hair transplant as there are various ways to go about it.

Of course, a hair transplant is a very delicate procedure, hence requires thorough research on the client’s part before making a call. Although the latest research shows that grafts can grow long, which is good news for those interested; potential patients need to be careful while choosing their surgeons and the method that would be best for their scalp. After the surgery has been done, proper care and patience are two elements required to see the long hair they have always wished for.