Modern Plastic Surgery

The techniques used at Carra are done with the mindset of taking of advantage of modern technology. Plastic surgery has come a long way, and it doesn't make sense for surgeons to continue with "old" times.

Our partners

We are happy to recommend our partners in the field of beauty and health. Each person watches their face and wants to look amazing, our goal is to make their desires come true. Our company recommends the best Barbers in Dubai. The best experts in their industry across the East Coast know their stuff. The best beauty experts are ready to help you at any time.

Board Certified Doctors

Our list of top doctors in your area only consist of board certified surgeons that have passed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons

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We believe in proper healthcare and pristine results.

The world of plastic surgery is evolving everyday. Surgery is becoming safer, results are becoming more natrual, but its important that we do not lose the focus on the essense of plastic surgery. If you are having problems with your self esteem or confidence and feel that a cosmetic procedure can help you with these feelings, then you have to make sure you receive the best care and total attention from your surgeon at all times. The consultation is one of the most important aspects when it comes to providing plastic surgery to patients. That's why we truly believe that providing the right care as well as the right results is a key to a successful procedure. Just because a surgeon can make you look better doesn't mean their job is done. Your surgeon shoud be with you from day one until complete recovery, and thats what Carra Group makes sure is done.c

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Why Choose Us

Benefits of Working with the Carra Plastic Surgeon Group

Our goal is to have complete consultation from start to finish.

Finding the Right Surgeon

Instead of researching hours online, we can help you find the right surgeon that specializes in the procedure that you are looking for. Weeding through reviews and testimonials can be difficult because the web is full of them all over the place. We make it easy by shortening the list and do the research for you, giving you the best surgeon for the job at hand.

Finding the Right Prices

While its true trying to save money with a plastic surgery procedure is not ideal as sometimes the results are hindered if you are looking to cuts costs, we also have a complete database of what each surgeon charges for the procedure, giving you multiple options that will fall within your budget.

Complete Care

Our trained professionals make it possible for you to receive complete care from start to finish. This makes all of our patients feel comfortable throughout the whole proces.

Planning for Plastic Surgery

What is Plastic Surgery Consulting?

If you have never heard of plastic surgery consulting, then you might be wondering what it is. Essentially, if you have never gone under the knife before, then plastic surgery can be a very overwhelming. Finding a surgeon to do the job, meeting the budget that you have, as well as answering questions without having to visit multiple doctors requires a lot of researching. As plastic surgery consultants, we bring the information to you rather than have you go look for the information. Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and bring to you the best surgeon in your area so that your surgery is as smooth as it gets.

We build Trusting Relationships with all of our Patients

When our patients come in, they are immediately treated with the highest level of attention and care. That is why we don't only build a working relationship, we build friendships along the way.

  • Nicole Lavi
    Client -

    Thank you to Carra Group for making the process for me seamless. I have recommended all my friends to use a plastic surgery consultant after my first experience.

  • Hannah Sharpe
    Client -

    Very happy that I found CarraGroup, thank you for making me feel so comfortable with going through with surgery!

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