About Us

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Carra Group - Helping You Get the Ultimate Results

As more plastic surgeons have arrived on the scene, the information provided online sometimes can get skewed or simply overwhelming. As plastic surgery consultants, we help patients find the right surgeon for their procedure. This eliminates having to read through testimonials and looking through hundreds of surgeons. We sit down with our clients making sure they are presented a list of 4-5 surgeons that are within their budget as well as experts in the procedure that they are interested in. This makes it easy for them make a decision and they have us along the way to answer any questions they have as well as schedule their first consultation with the doctor.

Since 2002, our team has gone through many plastic surgeries from Liposuction to Hair Transplants and more... We have the experience of dealing with almost any plastic surgeon in your area as we have clients from all over the United States. This allows us to always pair you up with a surgeon that we know you are going to love and will provide results that you will be so happy with for the rest of your life!